Iceworks Hockey Academy
Summer 2015 - Mini Islanders
8 weeks beginning July 6th
For ages 4-6. Pre-Requisites: Pre-Hockey or equivalent. Mini Islanders is an exciting and fun introductory hockey class. Our "Mini's" program is specifically designed to impart basic hockey skating and puck handling skills. Throughout our session, skaters will be taught proper body position, how to push and glide on hockey skates, how to "snowplow" stop and how to carry the puck all in a warm and friendly environment. All new students will receive a New York Islanders hockey jersey.
Summer 2015 - Hockey 101
8 weeks beginning July 7th
For ages 7-12. Pre-Requisites: Mini Islanders, Basic Skills 1-2 or equivalent. Hockey 101 is a challenging and stimulating learn-to-play hockey program. Our basic hockey course targets players with limited hockey experience who want to develop the skills necessary to participate in our Islanders Iceworks House League. Players will be exposed to skills such as hockey stops, crossovers, inside and outside edges, as well as stick handling, and passing and shooting mechanics. New registrants will receive an Islanders Iceworks Hockey Academy jersey.
Summer 2015 - Adult Hockey Development
8 weeks beginning July 7th
Adult Hockey Development is a learn-to-play hockey program for adults 18 and over. This class provides an environment where intermediate and advanced skaters can develop the skills necessary to play the game. Participants are exposed to skills like stride development, hockey stops, turns, crossovers and inside & outside edges. Skaters also learn how to control the puck, make and receive passes. Shooting mechanics and game play are also taught.